Duuude, what was in those Milkbones?

blue eyed dog
Nitro Fish

Photo by: Kathleen Fuller, Cincinnati, Ohio

Says Kathleen, "Those big blue eyes belong to my dog, Nitro Fish. She is the classic American mutt. Who knows what her lineage is? She is definitely daddy's girl and loves to cradle her head on his chest in the evening before going to sleep. She loves it when he gives her a piece of licorice (her favorite treat). She will eight years old this November."

Weekly Winner, Week 2
Daily Winner, September 27

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Wow - those eyes are so cool! what is she running in?

Those are such neat blue eyes. They sure standout and give her an interesting face!!!!

Best picture yet!!!! Neat eyes.

Amazing shot of this energetic and fun dog ! Those eyes are to die for ! I love this photo !

AWESOME photo! I cannot resist those eyes - she is TOO cute for words! I'm sure she has her dad wrapped around her little paw. ;-)

Great Picture! I wish I had half of the energy that's bouncing around in that pup's eyes!!

She's one adorable pup! Hers are an even paler blue than mine are. Not too often you see a pup with such eyes unless it's a Husky or Weimaraner so maybe one of those is part of her Heinz 57 lineage.

Love those eyes! Very cool photo and editing. It really captures her energy

Woooo! ToTo this is definitely not Kansas!!

Cute pup, looks like she is staring right through you.

She is such a cutie! Such hypnotic eyes!

I know who the Mommie is !! "Blue" was her name. An Australian Shepherd. Who was her Daddy? Not a clue. How do I know? I was the owner of Blue.

UNBELIEVEABLE EYES.....what planet is this dog from? This is a picture to cherish....it reminds you of your dogs wanting treats....

What an extraordinary picture! Those eyes just draw you in! Definitely a winner!

What a great picture! Love those eyes!

Those eyes are certain to pull in someone to be her new owner. How many things are that happy to see you in the morning, rain or shine?

Love those eyes. Great picture

An outstanding photograph of a wonderful dog!

Now I'm just waiting for the dog to talk to me! Looks like she could do it now that she's got my attention with that lovely gaze.

Perfect shot - the background highlights the eyes, the eyes highlight the background. The expression of the dog is as groovy as the psychadellics behind.

Soo cute!!!She almost has a humanlike expression on her face!

What an adorable dog! She should do commercials. She sure got my attention.

What stunning eyes, great picture!

Pure dog!! Shiny nose, big sloppy tongue, fabulous eyes! I bet she's got a great tail to match! You can sure tell she's loved.... and loves right back!

WOW!! What a fantastic photo and what an awesome dog! Very artistic and it certainly does capture you attention!

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